Hi everybody, I’m Hazel and I want to talk about my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I think too many times we are not thankful for what we have and Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to express our thanks for all of the wonderful things that we have been given. And most people have big celebrations and lots of food and all of that and that’s wonderful. But we don’t want to overeat because then it’s not comfortable. I used to love to eat until I was really full. When I was a child I’d love to eat. I love the feeling of being really full, but no more. I don’t ever want to eat until I’m full. And if you would abide by that, it would help you to not be overweight. I wish I had always abided by that, but I really am careful about it now because it’s uncomfortable to eat so much that you are uncomfortable.

Just eat until you’re satisfied and actually the ideal thing is to eat five or six times a day, but half as much and eat twice as often and chew twice as long. Chew your food until it becomes almost liquefied in your mouth before you swallow it. And that will help to keep away what so many people have all kinds of stomach problems, GERD, G-E-R-D stands for gastric esophagus, let’s see, reflex disorder. I think that’s what it stands for. Anyway, it will help that if you will abide by that. Chewing your food, eating more slowly.

Now, we’d like to have all kinds of food at Thanksgiving and holidays, all kinds of holidays, but if you will do that, I think you will have a healthier and happier time and you won’t be suffering after you’ve eaten. And another thing is that you don’t want to eat too late in the day. Especially, older people I’m talking to because late, it takes a long time to digest the food and so if you eat at seven or 8 o’clock at night and then you go to bed at 10, you haven’t had time to get that all digested, and then you are inactive and that is not good for you.

I try not to eat late in the afternoon anything and drink plenty of water and I hope that we can be sensible about what we eat over the Thanksgiving holidays. And then we have Christmas coming up. We have to also be very careful about eating too many sweets. Cancer feeds on sugar. Did you know that? Everybody has the cancer cells in their body already. I was shocked when I learned that. A lot of people know it already, but I didn’t. But they won’t attack us unless our immune system goes down. So once our immune system quits working, we could be attacked with the cancer cells and we don’t want that. So try to keep our immune system up by eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day and cut out the sweets.