Hazel Ramsbotham

I would rather EAT my vegetables than become one!

That you simply have to watch.

Join Hazel (88 years old) as she explains how she is able to stay healthy through NUTRITION!

88 Keys to Living a Long and Purposeful Life

You Too Can Learn a Lifetime of Lessons from this Amazing Woman’s Experiences At age 88, Hazel Ramsbotham lives debt-free, takes no medication, never gets sick, has a memory that’s sharp as a tack, and possesses more energy at 10 o’clock at night than most teenagers at a Pink concert.

She can even perform 40 pushups in a row; something she performs in front of thousands of people from the speaking stage.

What’s her secret?

More than just a biography, each of Hazel’s shared experiences in this book reinforces one of her 88 keys to helping you perform your life in harmony like a pianist uses the 88 keys of a piano to make a beautiful sound.

By reading this book, you will reclaim your energy and focus to:
* Accomplish more in your life than you expected.
* Stand up to any challenge with grit and commitment.
* Enjoy long life with good health, wealth, and wisdom.

If you feel the pressures of money, debt, depression, anxiety, financial loss, age, illness, soured relationships, or an uncertain future, Hazel’s 88 Keys will be music to your ears and heart. Hazel Ramsbotham raised five children while earning her Master of Music Performance degree from the University of Idaho. She taught piano for 75 years and has received awards including National Teacher’s Association Fellow of the Year and Colorado Music Teacher of the Year. She maintains her status as a nationally certified piano instructor while pursuing her business as a health coach.

To become more fit and live a better life, or for public speaking inquiries, please call Hazel at:

720 810 6161

Stories From My Amazing Life So Far.

Lay Off The Sweets

Hi everybody, I’m Hazel and I want to talk about my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I think too many times we are not thankful for what we have and Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to express our thanks for all of the wonderful things that we have been given.

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Improving Your Health This Holiday

Hello, I’m Hazel and you’ve heard me tell about all kinds of other things about how I decided to take care of my health instead of … I wanted to eat my vegetables rather than to become one, and my exercise routine and things like that. But now I have decided that I would like to grow my own food in my house. Now I’ve always had a garden outside in the summer time. All of my life I’ve had an outside garden, but I discovered through my business that I can have an inside garden in the winter time and have food that I just come in here and pick right off of the vine. It is so magic.

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I Want YOU To Know How To Live A Healthy Life

Hi. I’m Hazel. I just want to share with you my feeling about what I’m doing with my life today. As you know if you’ve watched any of my other videos I taught piano for three-quarters of a century. I loved piano.

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How Thanksgiving Used To Be

So, when I was five years old I happened to be at that grandmother’s house, and they didn’t have the money to make a cake for me. And this is before there were such things as cake mixes. You could not buy those in those days.

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