Hi, I’m Hazel, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about the CEO of our company. His name is J. Martin. He was a school teacher. He only taught for one year, and in 1970 he decided he wanted to start a business that would be lasting, and dependable, and help everyone to realize their own dreams.

He started a company that we refer to as a multi-level company. A lot of people are afraid of that kind of thing. They’ve heard of all kinds of bad things about multi-level companies. They say, “Oh, it’s pyramid scheme, and that’s bad news.” Well, first off, a pyramid is illegal. We couldn’t possibly be in business for 48 years if it were illegal. We’ve never had a litigation against us in all of that length of time. The Juice Plus part of it didn’t start until 1993, but he had other things that he marketed, and all of them were for the health and benefit of the people.

His mission statement is just to help us. When we talk about pyramid scheme, every corporation is a pyramid, when you think of it. There’s always a CEO at the top. There’s some Vice Presidents, and managers and the different stores have managers. It goes on down to the people that are the sales people right at the bottom when you first start. Now, all the stores are like this. JC Penney, Walmart, you name it, Sears. They’re all built like that. So that is a pyramid. What we have is an inverted pyramid, where the big part is at the top, and the point of the pyramid is at the bottom. Now, we all start at that bottom, down at that point, but we can all get to the top. We don’t have to knock anybody off the ladder to get there. Nobody has to die for us to get to the top. We all help each other, because we’re not competing with each other. We’re helping each other.

It is an amazing family, and I love it because everybody loves you, and wants you to succeed. They really want you to do better than they do, and that’s really unusual in this world, for people to want you to do better. There’s no jealousy involved at all. The only other way that other pyramid that I was talking about, you’d have to wait for somebody to die before you could get to the top. And there’s only one person at the top. Well, we have thousands of people at the top. We start at the bottom, and we can go as fast as we want, we can go as slow as we want, once we reach a level … There are seven levels in our company, and once we reach one of those levels, we never go back to the first one again. We always can maintain that one, and there are no quotas, we don’t handle the money, we don’t handle the product, it’s all done on computer, and shipped out.

What they do is go to the orchards, gardens and vineyards, they collect the fruit at the peak of freshness, not ahead of time like what we get, because they know that everything begins to deteriorate once it’s picked. If they pick it ahead of time, like what we get all the time, that last part, those last few days, is when the most nutrients are in that product. But they pick it before that time, and of course so you lose all of that, so they wait until it’s really ripe. They pick it, they juice it on the spot to save all the nutrients they possibly can, and they dry it and put it in capsule form.

Now, statistics have been shown that 80% of the nutrients from an orange is in its peeling. Now, I don’t know how many of us have eaten peelings of oranges lately, but we’re losing 80% of it if we don’t eat it. What Juice Plus does is they crush up that rind, the peeling, the seeds, and everything, and put it in the capsule form. Everything is in there. A lot of people will say, “Oh, well, I juice. I juice things.” Well, I tell you what. I have a friend that juiced, and she said her life consisted of shopping, chopping, slopping and mopping. I can attest to that, because I’ve done a lot of canning in my life. After I get through canning peaches, I can hardly walk on that kitchen floor, no matter how many times I mopped it, my feet would stick to the floor.

I don’t want to juice. But the thing that is the most important about that, is that they throw away the most important thing. They Throw away the pulp, and the fiber, and that’s what we really need from the juicing. This way, you get it all, and it’s not nearly as expensive. One of my friends told me she spent $18 a day for food to juice. That is horrible. And you don’t get the variety, and all the colors when you have to buy all of that every day. I would hate to think I would go to the store to buy that much, and then a lot of it would spoil, we don’t have to worry about the spoilage. It’s just a win-win for everyone, just having the product that is there. We know we’re getting the same amount, and we don’t need a lot of any one thing. We just need a little of everything, and that’s what this does. It has the same formula for all of it, and we have very good product control. Everyone gets the same amount every day.

Sometimes people might say, “Okay, well I need to eat some greens,” so they buy some spinach. So they eat spinach for four days in a row. Well, that’s just spinach. We have all kinds of greens in our products, not just that. When we buy things, we had to see it spoil, we try to use it up, or at least I do. I don’t know about other people, but it is a waste a lot of times when we buy the things that we think we need, and this way, we don’t have to worry about it. You get all of that every day.

We are very proud of our corporation, and our CEO who wants our product to be not just the best in the world, but the best for the world. If you’d like to know more about this, or if you’d like to have me do a podcast for your corporation, my number is 720-810-6161 and I’d love to speak with you. Have a great day. Bye bye.