Today we’re going to talk about the different colors that we need in our bodies. And I just wanted to talk about the orchard, for instance, things that you can get from the trees. Of course, we can have apples and cherries, those would be the red things. We also can get cranberries, those are a red. Then we can have orange, and we found out that orange peeling has 80% of the nutrients of the orange. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t eaten very many orange peelings lately, but that part needs to be in our food supply. It may not be very appetizing to eat but if it’s ground up and put in a capsule form, we don’t even taste it, we just know that it’s there, along with the seeds that are very, very nutritious. We also have pineapple and papaya, those are the yellow and orange, and the peaches. And prunes would be the purple. And we just need all of that rainbow of color in our orchard blend, or the things that come from the trees.

It’s very difficult for us to get that variety in our bodies every single day. Imagine what it would take, the amount of money that it would take, for you to buy 30 fruits and vegetables every day to put in your body. In the first place, it would just cost a lot of money, in the second place, you can’t even find them. We used to, when I was growing up, we had to buy things just in season because they weren’t available any other time. But now we are so spoiled, we can get things that are out of season all the time. They don’t taste as good but because of the preservatives that they use in them, we can get things that are out of season all the time.

But, getting that kind of variety, and not only that but where the product has been grown. Our soil supply has been depleted and it’s also a lot of herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed on the product. We have no idea where that product has been and the statistics are that everything we have travels at least a thousand miles before we get it. So during all of that time, much of the nutrients has dissipated before we even get ahold of it.

So we are very lacking in all of these things in our body because there is no way we could get it, but I know a way that we can have 30 fruits and vegetables in our bodies every single day. And we don’t have to worry about waste, we don’t throw any of it away. And it costs less than the price of a cup of coffee, to have 30 fruits and vegetables, get that rainbow of color in your body every single day and have the nutrients that are there for you. Give me a call, let me know if you’d be interested in checking it out.