Hi, I’m Hazel and today I would like to talk to you about the things that grow on vines. We call the vineyard, or grapes and berries.

There are so many different kinds of berries. There is the blueberry, there’s blackberries, there’s black currents and then there is blueberries. There is Concord grapes and then we have the cranberry would be the red and the elderberry is a purple and the pomegranate, oh I love pomegranates and they are so much fun to pick all the goodies out from those little crevices in the pomegranate. That, and you know what, it ripens just at the right time of year, just when everybody is susceptible to colds. It is so interesting how nature arranges fruit to be fresh and available right at the time we need it most and pomegranate is one of those. And of course, there’s raspberries.

All of those things area available in capsule form that you can get without having to buy a bunch of them but you can do that and we recommend that you eat as much as you possibly can fresh. But to supplement that and to help you get enough, there is a way that they have discovered that they can take the fruit at the peak of freshness, dry it, juice it first then dry it and put it in capsule form and you can have 30 fruits and vegetables every day in your body besides what you eat.

And of course, people tell me, well, I like to eat my fruit. Well, so do I. I’d rather eat my vegetables than become one. However, it’s so nice to be able to be sure that you are getting 30 in your body every day besides what you eat because you can’t OD on it. You can’t OD on broccoli, you can’t OD on blueberries, you just need more than what we normally get and this way you can stay much healthier and enjoy life.

Life is wonderful when you feel good but if you’re sick and you can’t do anything, you don’t have any energy, then life can be a drag. But if you will feed your body with what it needs and what it’s made for. God put us here, he gave us food in the Garden of Eden. People always, when they buy a piece of machinery, they always want to find out what the manufacturer says about how to take care of it. Well, then you think about it, who manufactured us? And guess what He gave us? He gave us fruits and vegetables in the Garden of Eden.

We think we have a better idea. We want to slice and dice and add to and take away and add a bunch of things to it, when really if we would just go by what is available, we would be much, much better off. And some people have made it possible that we can get that in capsule form because there is no way we can get the variety we need on a daily basis and save money in the long run.

You might go to the store and buy blueberries and eat blueberries until they run out. And then you buy strawberries and eat those until they run out. But eventually, you will have some waste if you are not careful. You have to be careful about what you buy when you buy it. And that’s why this is so convenient. You can have as much as we need every single day. And then we get to add to it whatever else we want.

I’m Hazel and I’d love for you to get my book, “88 Keys to Living a Long and Purposeful Life” and I would love to talk to you more about how you can be healthy and how you can life a more purposeful and happy life.