Hi. I’m Hazel. I just want to share with you my feeling about what I’m doing with my life today. As you know if you’ve watched any of my other videos I taught piano for three-quarters of a century. I loved piano. I loved my students. I loved the music. Loved everything about it except the scheduling. I didn’t like the scheduling because I had to schedule for everyone to be able to come twice a week for the private lesson for 30 minutes and the 40 minute group lesson.

And that was a challenge because people came from Colorado Springs, Lafayette, Bennett, Strausberg, all over the place and would you believe, I didn’t have anybody in the neighborhood. Very, very few during the years which I lived in this house which is 38 years now I have very few students who could walk for their lessons during all of those years. Maybe one at a time for a few years.

So I had a challenge with getting the scheduling done. But when I saw what lack of health was doing to the students and when I had something to share that I thought was going to help people be healthy I decided that’s more important. And so now I’m 88 and I don’t know how many years the Lord will let me live but as long as I am living I want to share with people the way to be the healthiest that they can be.

Now I realize that a lot of times people already have all kinds of ailments but there is no ailment, there is no disease that whole food nutrition cannot help. It may not completely help you be well but it can help you be more healthy than you are at whatever stage you are. There’s nothing that it … There’s no negative about it. It’s whole food nutrition, is what everyone needs and we get so little of it.

So not everyone understands that. The magic of fruits and vegetables is something that, I think it’s a bit of a secret for people. They are not … We just don’t realize the magic of fruits and vegetables. I tell people all the time, when you buy a new piece of machinery you always want to find out what the manufacturer recommends to take the best care of that piece of machinery that you’ve paid your good money for.

Well, when you think about it, who manufactured us? And guess what he gave us? In the Garden of Eden he gave us fruits and vegetables. Did you know that? He must know what makes us work best. He must know because he made us and he told us that, gave that for us. And yet people do not realize that is really the way to be healthy. I didn’t realize it myself. I had just grown up in the Depression when we didn’t have anything but fruits and vegetables that we grew from our own garden.

And that we canned and that we raised ourselves, our chickens. We had eggs. We had a cow. I didn’t live on a farm but I lived on a country and we could have our vegetable garden. And so we didn’t have any other choices but now people have so many choices and sometimes those choices are not the best for us. Those choices that we make really affect our lifestyle. And it’s so much better to be healthy than to have to get sick and then take chemicals and all kinds of things to get well.

It’s so much better. Our bodies don’t know what to do with chemicals. They know what to do with food. Our bodies know how to handle food and we don’t know how many different diseases we are keeping ourselves from getting if we eat properly. We know that it is, everyone has cancer cells in their body. I didn’t know that until I did my health coach studies and I thought, what, really?

Well they are there but they won’t attack us until our body gets weak and our immune system is not functioning properly. Then they come in for the kill and that is the dangerous part. That’s why we need to keep our immune system up and eat our fruits and vegetables because they fight those oxidants that are in our bodies by the billions every, every day. And they only way that we can fight those is with antioxidants and the only place you get antioxidants is with fruits and vegetables.

So those things and things that I plan to tell people as long as I draw another breath because I want to help people be healthy. I’m not in this for money. When I saw that people do make money with this, that impressed me at the beginning. But now I don’t need the money, I just need to tell people about this and I will be doing it as long as I live because I just want people to be healthy as long as they live. It doesn’t matter how long you live, it’s how well you live. That the important thing.