Hello, I’m Hazel and you’ve heard me tell about all kinds of other things about how I decided to take care of my health instead of … I wanted to eat my vegetables rather than to become one, and my exercise routine and things like that. But now I have decided that I would like to grow my own food in my house. Now I’ve always had a garden outside in the summer time. All of my life I’ve had an outside garden, but I discovered through my business that I can have an inside garden in the winter time and have food that I just come in here and pick right off of the vine. It is so magic.

Several years ago a young man who was a Dakota farm boy had his first vacation to Disney World. He was so enthralled with the land at Epcot Center that he decided that he would like to be a horticulturalist. So he went to college, majored in horticulture, came back to the Epcot Center, and they hired him to work there. During the first ten years that he worked there he developed a way that you can grow an aeroponic garden. It’s not hydroponic, it’s aeroponic. It’s no dirt. There’s no dirt. You don’t even have to get your fingernails dirty. It uses 90% less water, 90% less space, and produces a lot more than you can in that kind of space. This will grow anything that is not a tree or a bush or a plant vegetable like a carrot because it is has to have roots that go down in here.

The way that it works is there’s a pump inside, pumps the water from the bottom to the top. Then the water trickles down and waters the roots of these plants. It will grow anything. You can have tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, anything that you would like to grow on here. Then you can come in and pick your salad off of your tower. This tower was planted the end of October and that was from see. They were seeds in October. And look at this now. Here we are, the 16th of November. In three weeks you can be eating lettuce off of it and it’s the actual truth. I can pick this lettuce and spinach and kale and arugula and chives … There’s several different kinds of lettuce on here. I can just have my salad fresh every day.

The government says that we should have nine to 13 fresh fruits and vegetables each day, a serving of each one. Now a serving is about the size of your fist. Imagine being able to pick vine ripened nine to 13 vegetables or fruits and eat them right then. That’s what it means. It doesn’t mean you open a can of green beans and you eat those and that’s a serving, or open a can of something. It means fresh, picked right off the vine. Who does that? Who can possibly do that? Even people who live in warmer climates can’t even do that because you don’t get the variety. You can get this variety.

You don’t have to worry about e. Coli. You know exactly what you have here. You planted the seeds. You watched them grow. You don’t have to worry about anything coming from the outside. So it’s perfectly safe. It’s wonderful for you. So that is why it’s wonderful to grow your own plants. Of course you can’t grow everything, but you can grow a lot more. I never have to buy any kind of greens in the winter time because I plant my tower and it produces more than I can possibly eat. They’re small now. You can see they’re small. But pretty soon it will be completely covered and I will be sharing vegetables with all of my neighbors because I can’t possibly eat all of it that grows on this tower.

I recommend that rather than spend money this holiday season for things that are not that healthy for you, that you get something that’s going to improve your health rather than just spending it for something that’s here today gone tomorrow, here today broken tomorrow. This will last you the rest of your life. It’s all guaranteed for life. It is made from durable materials. The nutrients that you use to give it what it needs to make it grow is all plant based. It’s from the earth, everything. No chemicals added. And all of that is supplied when you buy the set. The tower comes with the nutrients, all the seeds you need, the pump that pumps the water, everything that you need to set it up, and it takes up about three feet of space and grows up rather than out. It takes up very little space. Like I say, you don’t even have to get your fingernails dirty because it’s not dirt. It is not even soil. It grows in another kind of substance that makes it viable for plants. So check it out. Get in touch with me and see what we can do for you this holiday season.